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Questions & Answers

How long does the tan last?

This is a tricky one to answer. Let’s look at the variables first. The solution plays a role depending on the quality and strength of the solution. The application method also plays a part in how long it last, too little or too much can hurt your results. Remember too much of a good thing is not always good.

The age of the skin definitely plays a role; younger skin exfoliates at a slower rate.

1) Is the person hydrated internally, do they drink enough water throughout the day consistently.

2) Did they exfoliate properly before the applying?

3) Do they moisturize properly with quality products?

A good standard answer is it lasts 6-8 days on healthy well-maintained skin. We believe that its better to under estimate the life of the spray tan and when it does last 10-12 days the customer’s expectations have been exceeded. Under promise over deliver!

Does it turn you orange?

A quality product applied properly will not turn orange. Orange is something that has hung on to self-tanning since the 60’s. DHA is much more refined and gives off much better color than in years past. Orange comes mostly from lesser quality DHA (which you still see even today in certain brands of UV Free tanning lotions and automated tanning booths). Another contributing factor to receiving an orange tan is too much solution being applied or too strong of a solution being applied for your skin type.

We carry the finest line of spray tan solutions specially formulated for Martini Spray Tan and have over 5 years experience in the sunless spray tanning industry. We consult with each client and custom blend a solution for their skin type. Realistic expectations and the right blend of solution should produce a healthy sun kissed glow. Too strong of a solution on a client or too much of a solution on a client can ultimately produce a orange tan or a tan that fades unevenly ( in other words one solution does not fit all).

Does it have a bad odor?

A quality product will have a much better odor or no odor than a poor quality product. Some companies try and mask it with perfume, which smells good for about 5-10 minutes and smells worse as time goes on. Of course smell is very subjective when dealing with a diverse group of people. Our solution is lightly scented going on and is virtually odorless within ( in rare instances we have found that certain persons with a higher PH level and the reaction of the DHA will notice a mild odor but is eliminated after the post tan shower).

How long does it take to be airbrushed?

The average application takes 5-10 minutes to apply and 2-5 minutes to dry. It takes longer to get dressed and undressed than it does to apply.If we are performing body sculpting services, of course this will lengthen the process. (Please allow 30 minutes for our mobile services for set-up, take down and the actual tanning session).

How long before I can take a shower?

DHA needs any where from 6-12 hours to set properly and react with the skin to give you the results that you desire. We generally recommend that you wait at least 6 hours before showering. Your color can change for up to 48 hours in some instances.

Does your product have any sunscreen or prevent a sunburn?

No! Just because you look extremely tanned does not mean you are protected. Are solution does not have SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in it. You can sunburn if you do not apply sunscreen over your UV Free Tan and only apply sunscreen after your post tan shower .

Should I moisturize my skin before or after I get sprayed?

You should be moisturizing your skin at least once or twice per day with a high quality lotion. This will slow the exfoliation rate thus extend the life of your tan. It will also allow your tan to wear more evenly as well. However, you should not apply moisturizer directly before having tanning solution applied to your skin. This could impede the penetration of the solution into the skin.

Will it rub off on my clothes or bed sheets?

There is a chance of the cosmetic bronzers coming off on clothing and bed sheets. This should wash out very easily with soap and water. However, we always recommend that the client wear darker colored loose fitting clothes. There are some fabrics such as silk, nylon and especially leather that this may not wash out of, so caution is always recommended. We do offer a clear solution with no cosmetic bronzers if this is a concern and is also great for our clients with acne prone skin or for bridal parties.

Will the solution discolor my hair?

We supply disposable hair caps; this is mostly to get the hair out of the way while spraying. The tanning solution will not penetrate the hair follicle and therefore will not discolor hair.

Will the solution discolor my nails?

We always recommend protecting the nails via some sort of barrier cream. This slows the penetration of the solution to the nail and keeps it from staining. If you have nail polish on it will not penetrate as well, just take caution with cuticles. This is more prevalent with spray booths because of the broadcast spray. Airbrush units are more controlled and therefore the operator can stay clear of such areas.

Why did the solution wash off in the shower?

Cosmetic bronzers are temporary bronzers that give you immediate color. The real color is the result of the DHA reacting with the proteins in you skin. The real color develops behind the cosmetic bronzers in 6-12 hours.

It is the cosmetic bronzers the customer will see washing off in the first shower, the lasting color is what is left behind. Cosmetic bronzers have two very big reasons for being in the product.

1) Immediate results; people want to see their tan immediately

2) Allows you to see how the product is being applied and minimizes application errors.

** We do specialize in a clear tanning application (no cosmetic bronzers) which develops into a deep golden tan in 6-10 hours

Can I workout after being sprayed?

Same answer as with showering. You must give the DHA time to react with the skin before disturbing the application. You should wait at least 6 hours before sweating.

Will my swimming pool fade my tan faster?

Chlorine has a tendency to fade spray tan faster or unevenly. Many swimming pools are using salt for filtration these days and will not affect your tan.

Please contact Martini Spray Tan at (702) 281-6124 or for detailed instructions or recommendations on how to obtain and maintain the best quality spray tan possible!

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