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Tanning Services
Martini Spray Tan offers a variety of UV free tanning services and products as we are a community with a very diverse clientele. We have researched, tested, developed and trained with many tanning solutions and tanning equipment. We are confident in stating we offer the best airbrush spray tanning service in Las Vegas at a reasonable price.
Standard Custom Airbrush Spray Tan
We offer 4 levels of tanning solutions to custom blend a solution perfect for your skin type and preferred results. Depending on the clients skin type, we determine which solution blend will best yield the results the client is looking to achieve while always setting a realistic expectation. We apply the solution using an airbrush spray in 2 even coats.
Please click on Soleil Spray Color Guide to the left for information on skin types and expected results
Pre-Cleanse - We offer an optional pre-moisturizing cleansing treatment that cleanses the skin, adds moisture and balances your PH level. Great for persons not able to shower prior to your tanning session.
Bridal Tanning/Clear Application 
We highly recommend for all brides or bridal parties that they tan using a clear application. This eliminates the fear of staining bridal gowns with the instant bronze tanning solution. The application goes on clear and develops into natural golden tan in 4 -10 hours.
It is recommended Brides tan prior to their trial run with their make-up artist and tan 2 days prior to their wedding day to allow time for touch-ups if necessary.
The clear application is also great for acne prone skin and persons with mature skin
Competition/Stage Color Tanning
Body Building/Fitness/Bikini/Pro-Dance
We realize that one of the most important things prior to stepping on stage for your event is your tan. This is a specialized service using specialized competition/stage color products and tanning techniques. We offer these services on-site or on an as need basis and is typically applied in stages over the course of 1-2 tanning sessions.

Pro Tan Master Service Provider

Please email us at for pricing, product information and visit our Events page for upcoming on-site tanning schedule.
Tanning Additives
Body Shimmer - add a light reflecting shimmer to your tan and lasts till you shower
Bronzer Boost- Our standard solutions are offered with an instant bronzer for a great out the door tan. If a deeper out the door tan is desired, we can add additional bronzer to the tanning solution.
Body Scrubs and Body Wash
Body Butter
Tan Extenders and Anti-Aging Moisturizer
Soleil Self Tanning Mousse *COMING SOON**
Soleil Tan Self Tanning Mist *COMING SOON**